How much does it cost
to create a clothing brand?

Do you want to create your own clothing brand? Great!

Traditionally, this is how much it costs:

(Check the cost to create a brand with Texponto at the end of this article – hint: it’s way cheaper!)

Let’s do the math

+ 20 different products

+ 2 colours each

+ Usual MOQ of 300pcs per product and colour

+ Average buying price of 10,00€ per shirt

= 20 x 2 x 300 x 10 = 120.000€

This seems a big number?

This is just a portion of the investment you will need. What about operational costs as:

​​Intensive, expensive and hard to manage human resources?

​​What about renting a place to stock all these products?

​What about shipping and handling?



​Photo shoot?

Even 150.000€ might not be enough for you to start and develop your own clothing brand. Well, unless you want to sell low quality printed t-shirts that nobody wants, 100€ might be enough… to throw everything to the garbage a few months later.

Entrepreneur carring a box of money running from giant hand

Is there an alternative solution?

Texponto exists to solve this problem. We are specialized in helping companies start or develop their own brand. You can CHECK OUR STORY and find out how it is so simple and cheap to create a brand from scratch or to develop an existing one.

If you are just starting to create your brand, read THE REALITY OF CREATING A CLOTHING BRAND FROM SCRATCH – It might help you avoid some common mistakes! 

Or even better: Feel free to contact us using the following form. We are ready to help you and answer all your questions!

How much would it cost to create or develop a clothing brand with Texponto?

Well, there are no minimum order quantities (MOQ). We will develop and manufacture your label, help you design embroideries and other customizations. We will take care of logistics and transportation. So…

You just need to choose your products, how much you are willing to spend at the moment, and just give it a try! If the product sells well, we will be ready to fulfill your reorder right away. If it does not work, take a step back and think what you can change. Then try again until you succeed! This will cost you just the amount of products you buy. No huge stocks. No huge investment. How much you invest is up to you!

In the example above-mentioned, you would need 120.000€ for 20 different products, 2 colours each. Now let’s do the math again with Texponto:

+ 20 different products

+ 2 colours each

+ No MOQ. Let’s say 10pcs per product and colour?

+ Average buying price of 10,00€ per shirt

= 20 x 2 x 10 x 10 = 4.000€

You just sold the 10pcs of a certain product? Great! You need more? Ok, no problem.

Reorder and receive it in just a few days.

As simple as this.

Are you ready to start selling?

If you have more questions check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or contact us using our contact form.

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